About Us

Grandness Tour serves temples & cultural tour packages and tailor-made tour service with the mission to take customers experience the most meaningful memorable trips in Thailand

Grandness Tour Founder


Irin Nateehiranpat was born and grew up in Thailand. She worked in the aviation and tourism industries for 7 years before she went to London, the United Kingdom to study for the a master’s degree.

Over 30 countries of her travel experience inspired her to start her travel agency when she came back to her home country.

She found that “travel is meaningful” more than she had ever thought.

Besides relaxation on holidays,

Travel is the precious time for family-friends-couples,

Travel ignites fantastic creativity,

Travel connects people to people

And travel incredibly heals mental health.

Those are the reasons why she would like to be a person who can give this meaningful experience to people from all over the world.

Last but not least, she strongly believes that anyone who visits Thailand will fall in love with Thailand as she loves.

Irin’s message

Dear my beloved customers,

I don’t recognize when I began being passionate about travel, arts, and architecture. I even realize that I am always in front of beautiful buildings and I keep finding new places to visit, Italy, France, England, Spain, Germany, Japan, and other destinations.

But there is one place in my heart which attracts me all the time. That is the magnificence in my home country, Thailand. Thai temples are the spot collecting many attractive things that I am delighted to get lost in.

Besides the gorgeousness, they hide stories, history, culture, faith, and spirit awaiting people to explore, especially in Bangkok and Ayutthaya-The world heritage city.

So, ‘The Temples & Cultural Tour by Grandness Tour’ is formed and all set to serve tourists from around the world!

Moreover, we cannot deny that Thailand has lots of wonderful destinations over the land, from south to north, from east to west. Tailor-made tour services including meeting-incentive-conference tours are also the service that Grandness Tour provides.

Grandness Tour and I are blissful and it is our honor to welcome you to Thailand with intention that we would like people around the world to sense amazing Thailand as we have been touching ever.

Yours Sincerely,

Irin Nateehiranpat