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Grandness Tour is proud to present the impressive temple & cultural tours in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and nearby cities including Tailor-made Tour Service all over Thailand.

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Grand Palace Landmark Bangkok

THE best seller trip!

Highlight trip in Bangkok – 6 Hours

Explore sophisticated buddhist arts and enjoy listening to the ancient epic, history and Buddhist faith. Then immerse yourself in the atmosphere of local living at the pretty famous local market.

  • The Grand Palace
  • The Temple of The Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew)
  • The Reclining Buddha Temple (Wat Pho)
  • The Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)
  • Flower Market

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I had a fantastic trip visiting Thailand with this travel service! Our tour guide is so nice. She is knowledgable and friendly. The tour agent professionally works with amazing service. I had great time in Thailand. I totally recommend Grandness Tour.

Grandness Tour surprised me with excellent service. The tour guide is  informative. The driver is nice and polite. I really love the tour program. Besides famous temples, we experienced the attractive cultures in Thailand.

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